PRUDENT PROCESS™ Consulting and Advisory Services for Education Institutions

We Understand the Unique Retirement Plan Needs of Education Institutions

The Flautt Hare Davis Retirement Consultants have extensive experience working with both plan administrators and plan participants from  private and public K-12 and higher education institutions. We recognize the impact of 403(b) regulations and the resulting impact on plan governance.

In 2012, institutions and employees were  provided more transparent fee disclosure information for the first time. Investment providers now offer realigned and expanded investment options, which requires the creation of a specific menu of investment options and models for employees. This analysis and selection of a properly diversified investment line-up calls for an objective, independent partner. The Flautt Hare Davis Retirement Consultants have developed a suite of services designed specifically to address the level of need for each organization.

Communicating Investment Options to Your Employees

A primary challenge for many institutions is communicating investment choices to employees. It is difficult to  assemble all employees in a room and expect the description of investment options to result in properly allocated portfolios. Over the past few decades the number of investments, asset classes, and portfolio models have increased and become more confusing.  Market volatility, and it's potentially detrimental effect on retirement success,has prompted many to offer models designed to take the emotion out of investment decisions. Any opportunity for more consistent growth may potentially result in higher income distribution from the plan.

A Targeted Education Program

Flautt Hare Davis can assist institutions with an independent education program geared toward  participant success. We incorporate general education, independent of investment providers, to ensure objectivity. Also, we partner with employee engagement firms, such as RJ201, to ensure you have multiple options for communicating information about the plan and measuring participant success. This approach can supplement or replace current participant meetings from the provider representatives.

Services Tailored to Your Institution’s Retirement Needs

Whether your institution's retirement needs are comprehensive or specific, Flautt Hare Davis can tailor services desinged with the goal to increase the opportunity for your plan and your plan participants’ success.

Consulting and Advisory Services Menu for Education Institutions

1) Investment Analysis Services:

  • Initial benchmarking of investments.
  • Comprehensive development of initial and annual investment reports covering:
    • Full disclosure review of plan fees, expenses, and revenue arrangements
    • 12-point Morningstar Investment scoring analysis
    • Lifestyle Model detailed analysis of risk and glide path
    • Plan cost review
    • Comparison report for multiple vendor plans
    • Advisor and vendor services and costs
    • Plan design benchmarking against custom peer group
  • Quarterly investment performance reports
  • Onsite or virtual review of analysis for Plan Administrator or Committee
  • Provide investment replacement options to institution line-up from available vendor investments in open architecture platforms. This discussion will be in coordination with the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and presented to the Investment Committee for approval and execution.

2) Fiduciary

  • Acknowledgment of co-fiduciary status as 3(21) Plan fiduciary
  • Assist with creation, review, and modification, as needed, of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Onsite or virtual Retirement Committee meetings (travel charges may apply)
  • Evaluate investment management and related services
  • Communicate enhancements and improvements in service offerings across the industry, and incorporate them as directed.
  • Create a framework for ongoing enhancement of the service offering.
  • Create an ongoing documentary record of exercise of appropriate due diligence for Committee.
  • Recommend changes from available vendor investments (flexible architecture) to institution line-up in coordination with the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and present changes to the Investment Committee for approval and execution.

3) Participant Engagement and Guidance Program Services

  • Gap analysis provided each year for participants from information provided by  the plan sponsor
  • Coordinate communications/guidance strategy with plan sponsor and vendor
  • Delivery of assessment survey to employees
  • Assimilation and review of survey results to assess education needs
  • Develop a targeted education strategy based on the organization’s needs.
  • Evaluate the investment management model and related services.
  • Overview of the plan and investments for employees at the beginning of each year, if desired by client.
  • Implement targeted education and guidance strategies using a variety of delivery methods based on the needs of the organization.
  • Coordination with RJ20 employee engagement service1
  • Conduct an annual group meeting with employees to review plan design and available investment options.
  • Annual on-site availability for individual employee gap analysis meetings
  • Semi-annual virtual individual gap analysis meeting option for employees


1. RJ20 is not affiliated with LPL Financial

Securities and Retirement Plan Consulting Program advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, member FINRA/SIPC. Other advisory services offered through Independent Financial Partners (IFP), a Registered Investment Advisor. Flautt Hare Davis LLC and IFP are separate entities from LPL Financial.

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